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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

CEPI is able to provide, through various channels, lists of names of importers / distributors, agents and qualified foreign personnel.


CEPI has free access to several databases, from which it is possible to obtain information regarding exports for member companies, namely:

  • Freight offer request
  • Subsidized loans
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Industrial collaborations
  • Various opportunities for SMEs

News from the markets

Daily information for member companies on world trade fairs, business opportunities, seminars for operators, availability of documentation relating to foreign trade, information on consortium services.

Market requests

CEPI regularly carries out, at the request of the consortium members, customized market research relating to international markets. The purpose of the service is to evaluate the potential of certain markets, in relation to a particular type of product and to provide, in addition to the names of potential partners and agents, useful information on the tax, corporate, customs and currency legislation in force in that country.

Business information

Thanks to the agreement that CEPI has stipulated with CRIBIS, a specialist in the field of economic evaluation surveys on companies all over the world, the consortium members can receive, at preferential rates, various commercial information aimed at verifying the real status of customers and suppliers, Italian and foreign companies. (Chamber of Commerce surveys, protests surveys, cadastral surveys and financial statements have a fixed cost per file).

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