CEPI is: trustworthiness

In the field of international relations trust is often equated with the willingness to take risks on the behavior of others and in the field of international economics this is likewise true. For a Small and Medium Enterprise it is a long road marked by uncertainty and the impossibility of having all the necessary information: in many contexts it is necessary to delegate to those who have more experience or the necessary technical knowledge.

CEPI is: meeting face to face

Perhaps a new partner, maybe an unexpected job chance, it is not possible to know what opportunities await us as soon as we leave the office and the company: this is why the Consorzio Esportatori Piacentini since 1968 stimulated and supported small and medium-sized businesses to cross the threshold of the comfort zone to know and be known in person at trade fairs, exhibitions and the international events that matter.

CEPI is: Awareness

CEPI is: Awareness Internationalization does not mean exporting or selling abroad. Being internationalized means being companies and entrepreneurs aware of global markets, capable of interacting with foreign investors, suppliers from distant countries, foreign partners, distributors, and customers of all nationalities.

CEPI is: Skills

For more than 50 years, the Consorzio Esporatori Piacentini has been dealing with the practical activities of each associated company for relations with foreign markets. From the most strategic questions to the daily tangible ones, from the management decisions to those concerning the single problems of every day, CEPI is present shoulder to shoulder with the associated companies and their employees to find information, contacts and solutions.

CEPI is: Energy

There is no doubt among the key players in the energy and oil & gas industry that Piacenza district is one of the finest in the world for energy and hydrocarbon production. The discovery of a oil field in Piacenza in the 60's gave rise to the most important Italian and European center of oil degassing, while in the surrounding many of the most important energy companies were beginning their activity that continue up today.

Batimatec Algiers 2021 - ICE Collective participation

We inform that ICE organizes the Italian Collective Participation in the "Batimatec Algeri 2021", the main event for the civil construction sector and related technologies in Algeria which will take place at the Palais des Expositions Pins Maritimes in Algiers from 7 to 11 November 2021.

CEPI is: to join forces

CEPI is: to join forces With more than one billion euros in aggregate turnover and more than 100 associated companies, CEPI is the meeting point for the majority of Piacenza small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector.

CEPI is: Engineering

Whether it is for civil and building applications, logistics, industrial plants or automation systems, CEPI and the Piacenza industrial district represent a center of engineering excellence. The integrated logistics is also a sector of fundamental importance for the creation of value for the Piacenza area.

CEPI is: Mechanical Engineering

Since the beginning of its history, CEPI has in mechanical engineering its largest and most well represented sector of industry. Even today, Piacenza is the most important Italian technological district for the production of capital goods for industry. A sector in continuous technological evolution, strongly rooted in the territory and with a unique vocation for exports and internationalization.

CEPI is:

CEPI was born on February 29, 1968: with act no. 5874 in front of the notary Vegezzi and with the participation of 20 small and medium-sized companies, the activity of the Piacenza Exporters Consortium CEPI begins.


According to Istat data, processed by Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, between October and December 2020, despite the restart of the pandemic, the companies managed to contain the decline in exports (-1.5 percent) compared to the same quarter of the last year.


We inform that ICE is working to obtain the necessary authorizations to participate to the next edition of ADIPEC (15/18 November 2021) with physical presence and they confirm that they will give more details soon.