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CEPI is: Engineering

Whether it is for civil and building applications, logistics, industrial plants or automation systems, CEPI and the Piacenza industrial district represent a center of engineering excellence.

The integrated logistics is also a sector of fundamental importance for the creation of value for the Piacenza area.

There are many companies associated with CEPI that deal with engineering at various levels, addressing different sectors including:

- Structural metal systems 

- Lifting and outdoor handling

- Industrial & warehouse handling and logistics

- Cranes for civil construction sites

- Bulk material handling

- Jet Grouting and injection systems

- Earth work

- Platforms for industrial machines

- Pre-cast concrete building management

- Energy production plants

Although the entrepreneurial realities of the district do not reach the dimensions of the logistics and handling multinationals, the capacity for technological innovation and great adaptability to the specific needs of each project ensured applications in highly specialized niches.

As a matter of fact, not only the civil construction industry is served by the CEPI engineering segment, but also oil & gas, biomedical, chemical, food sector, etc; all sectors where the required specialization is very high as well as the level of standards to be respected.

By addressing specialized and highly technological industries and meeting a wide range of potential needs, it is no surprise that the export projection of these companies extends to the whole world.

Engineering machines, equipments and services